Do you provide DIY Services? Our short answer is no. A big reason for this is it could cause a mismatch in styles. This is often associated with professional design work, which reduces our brand value. However, there are many affordable options that can be explored in order to reduce costs to your arrangements. There is nothing more disheartening for a wedding designer than getting photos back from a wedding and seeing faux or poorly constructed floral arrangements alongside our professional design work. We are not the best fit for the hands-on brides who wishes to construct DIY arrangements.

What type of floral inspiration do you encourage? We encourage the use of a select few photos to gather the general vision for your wedding day flowers. It’s less about you bringing a photo of a bouquet you want us to replicate and more about us building a relationship to the point where we can understand the design that fits with you as an individual. We want a general knowledge of colour palette and style of floral arrangements.

How come flowers cost so much? Flowers are subject to availability in every season. Sometimes a flower will have a difficult growing season or simply be high in demand based on the current trend. This automatically increases the price. It is also important to note that your flowers are usually coming from British Columbia or California, sometimes even Holland. Flowers need to be shipped carefully and quickly and those factors increase shipping rates.

How should I determine my budget? Your wedding flowers should represent 10-15% of your overall wedding budget. Everyone has a budget for their wedding and flowers are an important part of that. Remember your wedding flowers are most likely going to be in the majority of your photos. You want your great photographer to take pictures of your incredible flowers. Please see our Services Page for more details on our minimum spend.

Why do you only do one wedding a weekend?  We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and investment into each individual bride and groom; therefore, you become our priority for the entire week leading up your wedding day. There is simply not enough time in the week to give the attention necessary to more than one wedding. We work on a first come first serve basis, not who has the biggest budget.

Why do you have a minimum financial requirement? There is a lot of work that goes into a wedding outside of each boutonnière or bouquet. It takes the same amount of time regardless of wedding size to conduct the consultation and invoicing, draft the contract and correspond with you throughout your wedding planning. We do not hold inventory as we only purchase fresh product for each event. Most importantly we feel confident that our minimum spend reflects the value that we are able to provide as your wedding florist. Therefore if the wedding flowers cost less than $1,500 our time is not appropriately compensated for.